We care about you

and your data security!


As a company, we use the sinq® service for nearly all of our communication. 

Ensuring that the sinq® service remains secure is vital to protecting our own data. 

The security of your information is required for our success as a business. 

Below are some details on our security practices.

ISO Certification.
The systems are hosted in a 100% Dutch-owned facility that is ISO 27001 certified. (ISO 27001 certification is aimed at the management and control of information protection.)

TLS Encryption
The software platform is secured with a state-of-the-art security framework and communication with the platform is encrypted with TLS

All passwords are encrypted with a one way hash that cannot be reversed even if physical access to the disk is obtained.

System are monitored on a 24x7 basis and incidents are pro-actively addressed.

All physical access to information and systems are restricted with stringent procedures and controlled environments.

Network access, power feeds, backup facilities and fire prevention installations are all redundant and physically separated

If monitoring detects capacity issues with regards to memory or disk usage, the system is configured to automatically increase the required resources and notify the owners.