sinq® is smart

We want you to get your information fast and easy. You share it, you save it, you find it. That’s sinq®.

“Meeting notes used to be scattered around all over the place. With sinq® it’s impossible to lose them. It’s truly clever.”

Sabine Schmidt

In sinq® all your meeting notes are logically archived under people and projects, automatically. And everything is clickable and searchable.

You can favorite team members, clients, projects and conversation. So you’re always in the loop on everybody and everything that is important to you.

” I love to sinq. It’s awesome to be able to follow and help my colleagues while they’re out out on the go. I never miss a beat.”

Frederik Kempe, Marketing assistant at Toolinq.

sinq® is simple

sinq® is intuitive, user friendly and is set up in less than 3 minutes.

All you have to do is sign up, import your contacts, invite your team and you’re ready to go.

Let’s do teamwork like team players so we can truly create success. Together.

“Busy teams don’t like too much hassle when it comes to using new tools. sinq® gets that true genius lies in simplicity. “

Paul Gremmen, Co-Founder at RedactiePartners

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